Hair Zapp

Find your ideal makeover.

Now freely available for iOS and Android.

Virtual Hairstyling

It is so simple: Give one star if you think that a hairstyle does not fit so well to person. Assign full five stars if a style is just perfect for that face.

Hair Zapp Community

You're tired of always the same oppinions of your friends and want to know how other people would like your new hairstyle? In our community, all users give their vote on your style.

Style advisor

You're looking for a new hairstlye, but don't know which one fits best? Then read our hairstyle advisor and get practical hints.


Hair Zapp includes various hairstyles in all colours, lenghts and styles. In total, it includes 48 haircuts.


Mark your favorite hairstyles and compare them side-by-side.

Hairdressers close to you

Hair Zapp automatically searches for hairdresser's salons close to you that are specialists in finding a new haircut for you. Some of these salons even offer Hair Concept 3D, the professional version of our app. Ask for it!